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Panto Time
WDavid Pibworth
ell I feel it would be remiss of me not to mention Donald Trump here as panto time is upon us.
How annoying is it that someone has stolen the word ‘Trump’. Until now, to me, it was either the best suit in a pack of cards, or a slightly more socially acceptable way of saying ‘Fart. I’m appalled that someone can hijack such an important word.
But there you go, that’s democracy for you. I know that some people are marching about Trump’s win, which is a bit odd. Marching against democracy. I’m not convinced that it’ll catch on.
Nope, the only way to get rid of democracy is to have a referendum on the matter. Advisory of course, so that all sides can whine on about it for years, and everything will stay the same which is what everyone wants really.
Enough of Trump, I’m off to a real pantomime
this month. I’m doing a little cameo at The Carlton House Club in Olney for Anna and the Drama School. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves...or is it Dwarfs...I never know....but I shall be there. It’s on the Friday 2nd and 3rd December at 7.00pm with an added matinee on the Saturday at 4.00pm. Tickets from the club or at
Then I’m off to the Isle of Wight to play Abanazer in Aladdin at the Medina Theatre. I’m not expecting you to come but if you do, I’ll be the one in the bar after the show,with a huge and unlikely moustache, surrounded by adoring chorus girls. Or nor as the case may be, but I’ll be in the bar.
I’m one of those actors who believes in going out front after the show to say cheerio to the kids. Some actors don’t like doing that but once I’m contracted in a show I’ll give it the works. It’s often the  rst time a child has been to the theatre and we want them back, so a chance to say hello to the characters (as we tend to stay in character) is a great way for them to walk out of the venue having had a really good time and that’s what it’s all about. Plus I’m a terrible show off and do magic tricks to anyone who looks in the slightest bit interested.
The Isle of Wight is a slightly odd place. I
personally quite like it as it’s old fashioned but when I was performing there last time, we all went to a pub one night and some of the younger members of the cast wanted to boogie all night long, so I went to ask the barman where they could go for a really good night and the best he could come up with was a wine bar along the road which he thought opened until 11.30 and might do karaoke, which wasn’t really what they had in mind but I think that’s about as wild as it gets.
I had to stay there on New Years Eve and the cast had a party where we all played silly games and all was great fun. I saw the year in and went back to my place leaving them enjoying themselves and we all agreed to meet up the next day at the zoo. I thought it would be a good place to meet up at about 11 and have a bite to eat. I also wanted to see the White Tigers. However, by the time the next day came the rest of the cast were so hung over that none of them turned up, so I wandered around the zoo on my own rather pathetically. A lady took pity on me and started chatting. I think we were the only two in the zoo and I never worked out if she worked there or was just a regular visitor. Anyway I told her I was keen on the White Tigers and she said “Ooooh, yes the male
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