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Book Review
Sea Changed by Kate Nicholas
IThelma Shacklady
t is unusual for me to read an autobiography and even more unusual for me to review a book by a local author, especially one whom I know quite well
but this book  ts all three categories.
On the front cover ‘Sea Changed’ is described as a ‘haunting much more than an autobiography’ and that is exactly what I found when I started reading. Kate’s life began in London, in March 1963 and her early life was one of privilege, living in St John’s Wood. However, that all changed when her father was made redundant and the family left London for a run-down property in Filgrave. Kate’s description of Larkland, as their new home became known, is vivid and affectionate, as is her portrayal of the bohemian lifestyle the family enjoyed.
On achieving adulthood, Kate left the family home for London, determined to pursue a career in journalism. However, openings
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for World Vision, based in Milton Keynes, Kate has produced an inspirational book, full of insight into her eventful, exciting life and I recommend it unreservedly.
the police and Rafe will be arrested. Then she’ll be safe....won’t she?
This utterly compelling thriller will have you gripped as you race breathlessly to the conclusion. It is such a page-turner, you will  nd it dif cult to put down until you know exactly what happens at the end!
The Book of You by Claire Kendal
THeather Carroll
he genial title of this debut novel, ‘The Book of You’ hides the sinister psychological thriller that lies within its pages. It is a tense,
addictive tale that will have you looking over your shoulder!
Clarissa lives in fear of her work colleague, Rafe. Although he presents as a respectable man, his persona hides a very different that is creepy, chilling and truly terrifying. Wherever she goes, he is always there – watching, waiting and behaving as though they are a couple.
A well-raised young woman, Clarissa tries politely to make it clear to Rafe that she is not interested in his attention, although she struggles with not wanting to appear rude, or to offend in any way. Unfortunately, Rafe doesn’t take no for an answer and his preoccupation with Clarissa develops into an unbearably tense obsession.
A stint of jury service brings Clarissa much- needed relief from her daily work routine and
were hard to  nd and she took a job in PR as a stopgap. Then came a round-the-world trip and it was in Australia that she met her future husband, John.
Interwoven with her life-story is Kate’s struggle to  nd the meaning of life,  rst in self-help books and subsequently – and more successfully – in the Christian faith. That is what supported her after the devastating news that the shoulder pain she had been experiencing was a symptom of breast cancer. The final chapters of her book describe the diagnosis and treatment of that disease.
At her local book launch Kate explained that she began writing her book during the months of her cancer treatment. Initially intended to be an account of her life for her daughters to read, it developed into the memoir which was published in October and which has already attracted considerable interest. Now working
an opportunity to avoid Rafe for the duration of the case. At  rst, she feels safe within the walls of the court; this is somewhere she can relax at last. However, as the case unfolds, Clarissa starts to draw comparisons between the abused defendant and her own situation – perhaps this is enough to prompt her into further action against this man who is stalking her?
Clarissa starts to build a book of evidence against Rafe: The Book of You. In it, she records all the times he has stalked her, the conversations they have had and the unwanted gifts she has received. In addition, she starts to dig further into Rafe’s past and discovers some terrifying truths that he has kept well hidden.
The peace of the courtroom doesn’t last and Clarissa continues to be drawn into Rafe’s twisted world of lies. Here, evidence unfolds of his extremely dark and sinister background. Once the book of evidence is complete, Clarissa will be able to take it to
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