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  Olney Ward Councillor Corner
Tel: 07494 681907 / debbie.whitworth@milton-
My ward surgeries are every Tuesday, 10am-12pm at the Olney Centre. No need to book, just pop along.
 Red Rose
Many of you are relaying to me positive feedback on the number 21 and how much it is being tak- en up as well as the number 41. It is evident that you are all doing your utmost to use it or lose it, including our neighbouring villages. I thank you all for getting on board with this campaign. So, together, let’s keep this going through the sum- mer and keep those bums on seats.
I confirm Red Rose is in constant communica- tion with the MK City Council transport lead and myself with respect to any issues, and I advise anyone to keep sending in your experiences of any issues you may have.
River pollution
Olney and Clifton Fishing Association mem- bers Mark Butterfield and Gary Underwood joined a working group I chair at OTC, and to- gether we are working hard to reduce sewage discharges into the Ouse. As your Labour ward councillor, I’ve reached out to MKCC for their
Olney Ward
Councillor Corner
Local Election 2024
We are pleased that Keith McLean was re- elected to Milton Keynes City Council. After what was a very competitive campaign, Keith received 2,234 votes, Dan Rowland received 1,505 votes, Catherine Rose 387 votes, and Rebecca Cave 110 votes. Thank you to all those who voted; the Olney Ward had a turnout of 42%, by far the highest in Milton Keynes, and Keith received the most votes across all wards! Keith would like to assure all residents of the ward that there will be many challenges ahead affecting the rural communities, and he will support initiatives that protect what we have, prevent unwarranted growth and make our towns and villages better and safer places to live, work and play.
Olney Surgery
At the end of the recent election campaign a press release emerged from the local Labour team about a new Olney Surgery being refused funding. This was part of an election campaign and was incorrect in many ways so we will set the record straight here.
Peter, Keith and David Hosking, when he was
22 Phonebox Magazine | June 2024
support, and I’m pleased to report they are actively supporting us in the working group. A meeting with representatives from the Environ- ment Agency has been set for next month. By working with those who have specialist knowl- edge and power, we can aim to improve water quality and mitigate the effects of pollution. This season MKCC has already planted 260 trees and 2500 whips. Young trees need lots of water, especially when it’s warm. Please see the tree watering request diagram. Any water is fine – rain, tap water, and even used dishwater.
Double Yellow Lines
The DYLs were refreshed on Weston Road recently. However, as you’ll be aware MKCC inadvertently added in a short length of the road that was not supposed to have DYLs on them. They have confirmed to me that Ringway has been arranged to have the markings corrected by removing them. This should be sorted out within the next two weeks. The Enforcement team has been made aware of this and is therefore not enforcing that part.
For information, from 1 January 2024, MKCC changed its process for requesting double yellow lines. Any request must now be made by your local parish, community or town council. Residents who feel a certain location warrants having DYLs are to contact their local parish
Cllr Debbie Whitworth
council, which will then follow due process by holding a public consultation before making any request to MKCC.
By changing this process, the city council will be able to reduce the number of applications submitted to them that do not have local support, streamline those that do, raise awareness of any potential new traffic orders, and help engage with the local community on parking and road safety issues.
DYL request information yellow-line-requests
I’m honoured to be able to represent the ward and make your views heard at MK city council ... the Labour majority city council
Keynes City Council (something that was not mentioned in the recent press release as it is a Labour-run council). It is bizarre that when money is held by the Council for a project, the ICB will not allow that money to be spent on that project. Peter has a meeting in late May to try to find out what the rationale is for this refusal so this can be reapplied for again. The refusal of Milton Keynes City Council and the ICB to even start this project when it was promised many years ago is disgraceful and is just another example that promises of infrastructure when growth happens often cannot be trusted.
We will keep you informed of developments as they happen. However, in the meantime, please be assured that we have consistently worked to ensure a new surgery is built in Olney and no matter what you read in press releases just before an election we will not stop working for this until the funding is secured so the surgery can be built.
      Cllr Keith McLean
Cllr Peter Geary
Keith: 07983 456081 keith.mclean@milton-
Peter: 07774 939404 peter.geary@milton-
 a councillor, have been involved in meetings regarding the new surgery for over three years. Peter has led on this in recent times.
There is over £700,000 in Section 106 money from developers that Milton Keynes Council holds to help with the provision of a new surgery in Olney. The remainder of any funding needed will come from the Integrated Care Board, which Milton Keynes is a part of and covers Milton Keynes, Luton and Bedfordshire. They receive a grant from the NHS centrally, but they are the organisation which decides where money is spent. The partners of Cobbs Garden Surgery sought funding several years ago through this board for a new surgery, but this was turned down. Peter has worked with Ben Everitt MP, Cllr Chris Tennant of Olney Town Council and the practice to try to find a solution.
Firstly, before anything can happen, planning permission is needed. This is what funds were sought for recently. £25,000 was requested from the section 106 funds held by Milton Keynes Council, but this was refused by an ICB committee on the advisement of Milton
Peter, Keith and Ben at the site for the new surgery

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