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Emberton School
Poems, Patterns and Parents!
Inspired by the Great Exhibition of 1851, we held our own grand  nale exhibition of “Do You Remember When?” by displaying  ags from all over the world, old toys, handmade peg dolls and our own inventions for parents to come and view from all over the world, well, the local area anyway!
We have launched into our new theme of “Let’s Celebrate!” by welcoming scientist Professor Harrison into the classroom, who showed us how  reworks were made and encouraged us to create our own explosions using canisters, rockets and volcanoes! Lucy created a wonderful poem of onomatopoeia to accompany the afternoon – “Fireworks go bang like thunder,  zz like a fountain, whoosh like a jet and patter like rain!”, whilst other children had great fun recreating  reworks with glitter and shiny foil!
For other religious celebrations of Eid and Diwali the children wrote acrostic poems and new moon shape poems, as well as creating Mehndi hand patterns and colouring in Rangoli patterns. With birthdays, christenings, weddings and of course Christmas coming up we truly have cause to celebrate!
Sherington Pre-School
Sherington Pre-school, in partnership with Sherington Parish Council, has been awarded a grant for over £27,000 for the complete renovation of the under 5s outside play area at the side of the village hall. The playground will by enjoyed
by children attending the pre-school as well as the wider community. Before construction work can begin the pre-school needs to raise £3,000 through fundraising initiatives and donations. If you are able to support this fantastic Sherington project in any way you can donate online by visiting During November the children learnt about ‘people and communities’ and received visits from parents and friends who talked about their jobs. The children had an opportunity to make their own smoothies as they learnt about healthy foods and drinks. They practiced their chopping skills and took particular interest in operating the blender! Fruit printing, painting with toothbrushes, pasta necklaces and a role- play medical centre also helped the children to learn about things that help to keep them healthy.
For more information about our fundraising campaign please email or call 01908 611398. Visit our website at
Olney Middle School
OAnti Bullying week
lney Middle School Council have organised a Funky Footwear day to show that all pupils at OMS want to deFEET bullying for good! Children were invited to be as creative as they could be with their
footwear – just for one day. The School Council members led Anti Bullying Week assemblies for the other children in their year groups.
In conjunction with Anti Bullying week we are also sending home copies of Digital Parenting magazine. The magazine is written for parents and not pupils, and is designed to assist parents in building resilience to children in the digital world.
Brand New Playground
The picture shows the proposed plan for the Sherington Pre-school playground. It will bene t the pre-school children when in session and wider community users.
North Crawley School
ONational Space Centre
ur Key Stage one children enjoyed a fantastic trip to the National Space Centre in Leicester at the beginning of the half term to launch their topic about space. The children were able to  nd out more about our solar system and missions to the moon and even
became ‘Rocket Scientists’ themselves after learning about how to make a rocket during a thrilling workshop. Lunchtime was very exciting sitting in the restaurant with a rocket above their heads which occasionally ‘blasted off’! In the rocket tower, the children had ‘hands on’ experiences learning about what the moon looks like, trying to land a rocket using a control panel and steering a model of a Mars Rover. Back at school, they have begun learning more about space and wondering what ‘aliens from outer space’ might look like...mmmm watch this space!
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