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Reverend Claire Wood
Pebody Island
Parade Service and Act of Remembrance – My thanks to all who participated in the Parade Service and Act of Remembrance. It is truly remarkable to see how our local volunteer organisations in the town mark the occasion with the short service in the church, and then parade to the memorial in the market place for the Act of Remembrance. Each participant marking the legacy of those who have laid their lives down so that we might live in safety and peace. This short time of Remembrance served as a moment to honour those who gave their lives and a reminder that encourages us to remember that our peace came at a high price.
Churches Together – The Churches of Olney and friends are looking to share the good news of Christmas again this year. So many of you made the pop up Carol events great fun that we are looking to do it again.
On each of the 24 days of advent, beginning on 1st of December, the Churches of Olney will be singing Carols at various venues in the town for about ten minutes each. Some of you may well have been at the Rugby club, or the Football club, the pre-school or nursery just to name a few of the locations we visited. Please do look out for the team and join in.
Donations will be gratefully received and these will be split between Olney Newton Link, Willen Hospice, Advantage Africa and The Friends of Cobbs Garden Surgery.
Many thanks, Revd Claire Wood.
Dear Editor, The items I have photographed are on private land belonging to a Hong Kong consortium. Items like this are unloaded from a transit van across the small bridge to what some refer to as Pebody Island. Olney council is aware of this as are the Environmental Agency and a few curious visitors who make forays. The angling community are watching too.
As you see some of the items are now  nding their way into the River Ouse. I think this is unfortunate. It is otherwise a very beautiful place. Name and Address Supplied
Timpsons Row Parking
Having just returned from a long stay at my holiday cottage in North Wales, I sat down to read the Phonebox and, in particular, the article concerning the person who returned to their car in Timpsons Row to  nd a note written on their windscreen from a nearby resident asking him/her not to park there in future.
I totally support the person who has written to the Phonebox in that residents have no right to request that drivers park elsewhere when it is a public road. I am quite sure that the driver, when parking, did not obstruct any driveway. I, sadly, have a neighbour who is a self-appointed suburban parking warden in our cul de sac in Overhills.
At my cottage in Wales, there is very little parking available as the old part of the village is narrow alleyways and lanes. Nobody has notes stuck on their windscreens telling them to move their cars and, believe you me, parking there is far more dif cult than anything you will encounter in Olney. Elizabeth Thimaya
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