Phonebox Magazine July 2006
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July 2006
For our readers in Olney, Newport Pagnell, Sharnbrook, Emberton, Lavendon, Weston Underwood, Clifton Reynes, Ravenstone, Stoke Goldington, Sherington, Harrold, Turvey, Turvey Station, Carlton, Newton Blossomville, Bozeat, Denton, Yardley Hastings, Cold Brayfield, Filgrave and Lathbury
Some of your questions laid to rest...
What happens at the Green Burial Ground?
Nothing strange or peculiar! Olney Green Burial Ground is a natural, safe and secure countryside place where a loved one may be laid to rest in your chosen way, underneath your own planted tree and in the knowledge that they will never be disturbed.
I didn’t know this sort of place existed.
Most of us are rarely touched by the need to arrange or plan a funeral and put the subject out of our minds. Giving some thought to the one certainty in life is sensible and leaving some plans saves much stress (and money) for those left behind.
This is a lovely place – it must be a popular option these days.
Popularity is difficult to measure - judge for your self. During the six years Olney Green Burial Ground has been open over seven hundred burial plots have been used or reserved.
Olney Green
Burial Ground
I would like to arrange my final resting place and perhaps even plan the funeral arrangements so I don’t have to worry about leaving behind problems and costs. At Olney Green Burial Ground burial plots may be reserved (at today’s prices!) and assistance given in planning funeral arrangements however simple
or elaborate.
Is it expensive?
There is a range of options and on a like for like basis burial at Olney Green Burial Ground can be cheaper than a town cemetery or even cremation – and is permanent. A flexible approach means that particular requirements can usually me met.
What will happen to the Burial Ground when it is full?
Once full it will become a secure, natural and sustainable wood and wildlife haven. Visitors will be able to visit and enjoy the tranquility indefinitely.
If you’d like to know more information, or have any further questions, please contact us
Tel: 01234 241808
Part of the Green Burial Company plc
At your service 24 hours a day

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