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                                 What’s inside?
We have lots inside the magazine for you this month. Especially those who like Food, Drink and Entertainment.
In Olney there are three new venues available for locals and visitors alone. The Bull has opened it’s doors and is providing a full service including Hotel and Restaurant facilities. No26 has taken off like a rocket, with lots of people trying out their menu every time I go by and we also have The Cherry Tree, which of cially opened on Monday 26th March, but had a soft launch night where we had a glimpse of what was to come, and it certainly surprised and delighted us. We have more about the three new venues inside the mag where lots of people are reporting on them.
Newport Pagnell also has a few new venues on its streets, Murati’s, an Italian on St  ohn’s Street, and the Saray, a Mediterranean restaurant, which is opening soon. Also one possible new arrival to the town could be Wetherspoons, with their interest in the old  obinson’s site. And if you need a reminder of what Newport Pagnell has to offer, Nick Zafar has his thoughts of the town on pages 32 and 33. So, Wildleaf have opened a new butchers shop in Olney, the Coop have refurbished, and if you need a good pop-up.... have a look at the Foodie page! Yes, Spring has sprung into action and brought us a lovely crop of new places to visit.
So, let’s wish all the new, refurbished and existing venues in the area, the best of success for the future and hope that they do well in the coming months. From what I’ve experienced so far they certainly should.
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PS I must thank the Newport Pagnell and Olney Lions Club for putting on their Whisky tasting night at the Carlton Club, An E or not an E? Well done to everyone who organised it. Roll on the next one!
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